Baby & Child Care

First Impressions cares for young children from infancy.

Our infant room–which we call the Jungle Babies Infant room–is a peaceful little oasis  equipped with cribs and changing tables. Jungle Babies enjoy a variety of age-appropriate toys, including a gentle swing. Soft music plays in the background.

We keep a refrigerator to store breast milk and formula for your baby, as well as drinks and starter foods you prepare for your older baby starting to sample foods.

Jungle Babies begin to transition to a room for our one-year olds—our Cuddlebug Toddlers. As they approach their first birthday they spend part of the day with their new friends and teacher. We usually require Cuddlebugs to be walking before joining the class.

Children play with toys appropriate for their age, and designed to stimulate thinking and problem-solving. We emphasize exploration, reading to the children, and showing them how to create their own treasures.

As one-year-olds approach their second birthdays, they begin to transition to a program for two-year-olds, who we like to call our Ladybug Twos. Ladybugs begin to transition to our Firefly Threes preschool class as they approach their third birthdays.