Our infant room is a place where babies feel safe and parents feel confident! We recognize that leaving your infant is stressful. At First Impressions Preschool, we do everything to help alleviate that stress by giving your child plenty of love and attention, and following the same schedule you have created at home. We provide personal cribs and developmentally appropriate experiences, as well as a daily schedule that is flexible to allow for your child’s individual needs. Songs and stories are provided throughout the day, as well as tummy time to strengthen those upper body muscles!

Please feel free to come in anytime to feed, play, nurse, or interact with your infant!

Once infants get close to their first birthday, we will begin adapting to the one year old schedule to facilitate an easier classroom transition.

Typical Daily Schedule

Jungle Babies daily reports provide informative notes on your baby’s eating, sleeping, diapering, and learning activities w/space for parents to fill in special requests, morning schedule, and expected pick-up time.
Back To Sleep, Tummy To Play
 Pursuant to the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics, we place infants on their backs to sleep. If your child needs to be placed in a different position, a written note from your child’s physician documenting a specific medical condition is required. Download the guidelines here. 
What Your Child Should Bring

Please provide the following items for your Infant:
• Diapers
• Wipes
• 2 changes of clothing
• Blanket
• Bibs
• Diaper Cream (if needed)
• Formula
• Bottles
• Filtered water (or we can use tap)
• Bottle Liners (if needed)
• Infant Cereal
• Jar food
Download Infant Forms Below:
Registration Form
Infant Feeding Instructions
Checklist For Infants
Emergency Info & Immunization Form